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"most interesting topics having already been discussed. "

But most of the "New Guys" never got a chance to discuss them.

The "New Guys" is a different, though related, kettle of fish.
From what someone wrote, above, they seem to be there and are reading a lot. It's the writing and participating thing that's problematic.
I can't really think of a solution. There's years worth of good stuff to read here. I went back for the heck of it and pulled my posts, just to look over the threads I participated in over the years. I intended to spend 1/2 hr. at most. Wound up hooked and investing several hours reading.
Lets also not forget the bigger world out there. Some of the old timers may have been pinched by the economic times, or just preoccupied by other concerns. I keep in touch with Brad (butterfly) and the last thing we talk about is the MAs. His toddler, my teen, house improvement projects, family matters, etc. is what we discuss. And that's when we manage to find time. Life, my friends, life.
So I suppose the bright side is y'ain't dead if yer being read. The more so if there's at least some active discussion going on. I guess there'll come a point when the readers will absorb enough to start asking questions... Or not. Shigata ga nai.

P.S.: Just had a thought. Sometimes informed discussion by people who know their stuff can be very intimidating to those less knowledgeable. One of you guys was talking about a stand alone post. Perhaps in that post it would be useful to say something along the lines of "there's no such thing as a dumb question" and "jump in, we don't bite".
Just when you think something is foolproof, they come out with a new and improved type of fool.