My sensei has shown me no disrespect, he is above that sort of behaviour

That is my misunderstanding. I thought that you were saying that after training at another club you were left with cold receptions, felt like just a number and had to cower in the corner without your instructors respect. Was this was an example?

I think it is a very good topic as I (we both) feel that respect is a very important part in MA training. I wonder to what degree respect has to be earned by the STUDENT?

I remember ‘old school’ stories of pupils having to wait outside the dojo for weeks in the cold before being invited in and allowed to train for free. How true or common place this was I don’t know.

Now-a-days at least, clubs often actively seeking members and with fee’s often high (as discussed here Value for money if you have an opinion), surely the instructor ‘owes’ the student a higher level of initial respect.

This of course would have to be balanced out with decisions of what/how to teach a student (e.g. higher risk methods etc)

I do disagree with you on one point:

I had been the one to disrespect him by paying money elsewhere.

I do not think it is disrespectful to train at another school, pay someone else for training or indeed to choose to leave an instructor to train elsewhere – especially if you are honest and upfront about your actions.

Good topic.