First thing I’d say is that I see no reason for your instructor not to show you respect for joining another club. You say that you have been open and honest about what you want and where you have been training, therefor I think your Sensei is out of order in being disrespectful. Sounds like you have shown respect and also dedicated 2 years of MA training with them, paying all fees, trusting and training hard no doubt.

I actually think that it is very important to have the respect of your instructor and can’t personally imagine training long-term without it.

I think the nature of MA (and sport in general) often requires a mutual respect to get the most out of both parties. For example we often hear of football coaches getting the sack as they have ‘lost the dressing room’.

This ties in to a motivational POV too. Will your sensei get that extra 10% out of you when tired etc.

Cxt said

I don't really care what the guy that paints my house thinks about me--its a BUSINESS transaction--I pay my good hard earned money for the delivery of a marketed service

2 problems here.
If the guy who painted your house was disrespectful, would you really be a returning customer. Most business at least attempt to have good customer service.

Secondly MA is a hobby or a passion. You should be going to enjoy yourself There are enough clubs around to find a place with good people.

For me respect from your Sensei is very important, sets an example to everyone in the class, allows a good and safe learning environment, allows an enjoyable experience.

Jabber, out of interest can you explain why you decided to go with the sensei who does not respect you?

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