Hi Dobbersky & CXT,

Thanks so much for you replies.

To me personally respect counts enormously as I need to be fully relaxed and able to focus entirely on the technique being taught. I am also of the `old school` train of thought.

I know what I need to do, I just balk at the thought of it as numbers are vital to one teacher to keep his doors open.

Both teachers are excellent. The first offered me concessions on prices (not currently working) so I fully understand how I have caused offence.

Due to constraints both time and financial I can, and only will, attend one - it will be my original school.

It DOES affect my training as they are two different MA so this is also an issue, as if time, money and respect were not enough!

I know what to do. I will do it but did want to hear what others feel (this would not alter what I feel I just wanted to contribute a thread). Its not an interesting conversation to have with a friend who does not study MA as they cannot see any dilemma or issue of respect.

Again thanks for your comments and it would be great to hear from other instructors as Dobbersky has added.

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Those are my principles, and if you don`t like them...well, I have others.