Agree with CXT

Just need to add, are they the same style of Martial Arts that you are learning from both Instructors?

Regards Cheapest, I charge just enough to cover the costs as I've ran a not for profit Dojo for over a decade. But I don't consider mine as being lower quality. I'm not a belt factory and will fail or delay gradings if the student isn't upto standards.

If you are training in the same style at both Dojo's I would suggest picking 1 of the to and concentrate on that as there will be issues occuring due to the suttle differences in some or many of the techniques.

Does the Original (Please "Respect me") Instructor know about the other school you attend, as this could be a factor in it?

Also, I find if an Instructor can't give his/her time to his students then I he's lost touch with the art he/she teaches and is more in tune with the business side of it.

In the end, no matter how much guidance you get here, you need to be happy with your decision as to where you go from here, but accept the path you choose and enjoy your journey
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