How do YOU view your training?

If its "just business" to YOU then why would you care what the dude/dudette that works for you thinks about you?

I don't really care what the guy that paints my house thinks about me--its a BUSINESS transaction--I pay my good hard earned money for the delivery of a marketed service.

If that is how you feel then IMO why should you care about what the teacher thinks/feels?

Unless your teachers "respect" translates to better teaching--not sure that I would worry.

Now if you see your training as a "old school" master-disciple kinda thing then you might view the loss of the teachers respect to be a serious problem.

Is the teacher worthy of said respect to start with?

In the case/s you list--which one has better instruction?

"Super cheap" IMO is sometimes, not always but SOMETIMES not the best choice in the long run.

If it were me, I would be thinking about it from a quality of instruction POV and not worry to much about "respect."

IMO smile

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