How important is this?

Do you feel you could just cower quietly in the corner, work hard and slip out at the end without his respect?

Or do you feel it is too important to view your learning simply as customer service once it has been paid for?

I ask because I am currently in a tangle with 2 clubs and feel that my instructor of approx 2 years is disappointed with me.

The background being that I left `my club` due to injury and recently enquired about joining fees. while waiting to hear back I found a super cheap club where the instructor just wants to keep his doors open.
Joined it then heard back from old club. I am currently attending both and have been open and honest with both but feel the change and have lost his eye contact and words of greeting.

I know what to do but wonder how many of you could attend a club where you have now become a number, having once been a respected patron.
Those are my principles, and if you don`t like them...well, I have others.