I've not been contributing as long as many here, but I am a long time reader of the forums. I used to love the debates on here about 10 (wow) years ago. At that time I felt too....unqualified and was too reserved to contribute. The debates definitely influenced the direction of my training and the way I thought about MA.
Anyway. Here are some unsorted opinions:

-I think some members seem reluctant or perhaps even intolerant of debate. I think a good debate is a huge part of what makes a forum interesting. It can be entertaining AND informative.

- Perhaps we should be encourage a little more confrontation?

And some ideas:
-How about a "Topic of the Month" in the MA talk forum in which everyone is encouraged to contribute to?

-Another similar idea would be for Mods the more popular forums to have a monthly controversial lead. E.g. Karate is poorly suited for children. Boxing is unnecessarily dangerous. MMA is unethical. And so on.

- I used to read (but no longer really do) the articles on the site. Why not use these as a post as they appear. Some are definitely controversial.

-A short debate between 2 members which is then opened up to everyone?

-A kull of the 'dead' forums, or at least a consolidation so as not to loose past threads.

-The Mods of the forums might like to bring up debates about upcoming events. Obvious examples being Boxing bouts and MMA.

-Perhaps the Mods might take it in turns each month to be some kind of 'conversation starter/question asker/old post digger' type person. (More work for the Mods I know...)

-Agree to disagree to agree to disagree.

What do you think? smile