One of the things I'm learning right now as an adult beginner is that there isn't a really well defined path from beginner to intermediate. This is something that I didn't expect when starting Judo.

In the beginner's class we're mostly slowly practicing technique but since there are so few beginners and they don't really seem to stay for that long, we're constantly re-learning stuff from step one.

I tried out the intermediate class but there's very little explanation of techniques and we're dropped into randori straight away and almost everyone has trained in Judo since childhood except for me. I'm finding it difficult to develop fluency with the movements and I feel like I'm holding my training partners back in that class.

What I really need to do right now is lots and lots of Uchikomi and Tai-Sabaki until I get comfortable with doing the movements at speed but we do almost none of that in the beginner's class. The children's class does a lot of this stuff but the adult beginners don't seem to be around long enough to get to the point where they can do lots of Uchikomi.

Right now I'm trying to pair up with black belts who want to warm up for the class after mine just to do 20 minutes of Uchikomi at the end of my class. I'll have to figure out another way to get the numbers, I'll probably get some resistance bands to train at home.
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