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Hi Dobbersky
I practice my kata but with the fact all kata have reasons for them.

The assumption that traditional kata practicing karate-ka MUST make.

The truth is that there are no good reason and explanations given in Karate’s history.

Which commonly leads to….

I believe that there is no wrong Bunkai for a Kata

Or, ‘what I am practicing is not, wrong’ so ‘my reason is right’


I just can't accept the "karate" attacks that are practiced

Bad reason?

many schools especially Korean Arts practice Kata/Hyungs/Poomsae/Tul/Forms just for the purpose of passing that particular grade

Bad reason?

no thought as to why it was created in the first place

Think about it and you can come up with almost any answer you like.

Most have thought about it but the answer doesn’t fit your own.
E.g. kata is a way of remembering lots of techniques, a way of moving meditation, a way to gently keep fit in old age etc.

at least the new Masters are rediscovering the Bunkai/Oyo of their kata using other Styles like Jujitsu, Judo, Ken(m)po and Chin Na (kung Fu) to discover what is within their own

‘Rediscover’? RE-INVENT is more accurate.

As there is no right or wrong, you will find faces in the clouds and justify your ‘reason’.

So I was taught that the "bunkai" was a "textbook" application of a given movement in the kata.

Are there "textbook" applications? If looking at early karate applications, do they satisfy modern methods?

In short, it seems a bit of a mess


With respect Mr "Aplant" I don't need my posts checked for grammar or content etc. Rather than pick it apart can you not just add something useful to the thread, thanks
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