I myself love Bunkai and Oyo. I practice my kata but with the fact all kata have reasons for them.

We have 16/7 Kata in my Syllabus, If I had a Choice there would be no more than 10.

If you practice Bunkai/Oyo, do you practice it against "karate" attacks?

For me I believe that there is no wrong Bunkai for a Kata BUT I just can't accept the "karate" attacks that are practiced around the world. NOBODY steps forward and punches ever so why teach it?

I use my Kata as a form of Stand up grappling more akin to Chin Na or Okinawan Kenpo than typical Mainstream Karate & Jujitsu.

I know many schools especially Korean Arts practice Kata/Hyungs/Poomsae/Tul/Forms just for the purpose of passing that particular grade, with no thought as to why it was created in the first place. Some Schools even have 40+ kata but can't practice Bunkai because they have too many things to practice.

The Old masters probably only knew 4-6 kata total but its the younger generations adding this and that from the various older masters that have given the situation as it is now.

Nobody questioned theire Instructor as to the why, what, when, how etc of the techniques they were taught unless the master Trusted their student enough to teach it. Therefore with a gap of a generation at least the new Masters are rediscovering the Bunkai/Oyo of their kata using other Styles like Jujitsu, Judo, Ken(m)po and Chin Na (kung Fu) to discover what is within their own

What are your thoughts on this?
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