Well, good to know you found somewhere to train. Apologies for any confusion, I was inferring you wanted confirmation based on this and the other thread you created. My misunderstanding.

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I'm simply interested in others' views on the matter and in challenging some widely held ideas which may have been accepted too easily.

Again completely agree. I feel this is the undersold information in martial arts and society.
MA in general tends to overstate the danger of violence. The press in particular can make us feel like we going to get knifed if we dare look at someone with their coat hood up! This is shown in the stats where people believe that their local areas are becoming more dangerous when in fact violent crime is decreasing.

Quite right. If people stopped to think that they've been on planet earth for 10000 or 15000 days,yet not 1 of those days have they ever been in a life of death situation, they would probably be a less fearful of attack. Media do blow these things out of proportion, as to MA schools looking to make money.

Another point I would make is that this perceived sense of perpetual danger often evaporates after someone goes to MA classes for a few months. They fell more comfortable around violence and feel more confident in general.

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So with regards to the topic. I wonder if people would invest so much (time and effort as well as money) if they had better understood the reality.

To be honest Aplant, the only people I know who have stuck with a certain MA more than 3 years are people who developed a genuine passion and love for what they were doing. If a person is simply afraid of being attacked, that motivation is unlikely to sustain a lifetime of study of a MA (unless that person has a high risk of being attacked because of their job, e.g. a prison guard).
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