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I'm guessing in some way you're looking for confirmation that MA are a worthwhile pursuit in terms of SD because that is something you keep asking about.

I'm simply interested in others' views on the matter and in challenging some widely held ideas which may have been accepted too easily.

I don't need any 'confirmation'.

The thread you linked to is an excellent read btw. Thank you for fishing it out!

I also share your opinions expressed.

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we don't hurt each other. That is hard-wired in to people. This hard-wiring can be short circuited in individuals, but most people are not going to attack you. It's just the way we are.

Again completely agree. I feel this is the undersold information in martial arts and society.
MA in general tends to overstate the danger of violence. The press in particular can make us feel like we going to get knifed if we dare look at someone with their coat hood up! This is shown in the stats where people believe that their local areas are becoming more dangerous when in fact violent crime is decreasing.

So with regards to the topic. I wonder if people would invest so much (time and effort as well as money) if they had better understood the reality.

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Training in MA will help you get better at fighting and/or reacting to a violent attack (assuming you are at a competent school).

In my expereince EVERY school would consider themselves competent to deliver self defence training.

And so I'd like this thread I question the widely held notion:
Since physical self defense is probably the last line of defense you have, any advantage you can get with it is valuable. This is why I think that training MA is value for money

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My advise for you Aplant ....

Thank you but I am not after training advice, at least not on this thread! I have recently moved locations and was surprised by prices so thought to comment. FYI I found a Boxing club to train at.

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