hugger don't address a single one of my points yet you refer to people as "busted and owned"...with exclimation points and all in caps no less....stunning.

I bet you have won all sorts of "matches" by simply claiming victory as well. Much safer and less painful than actually fighting.

"beneath my dignity"

You mean the "dignity" you have displayed so far?? If so then don't worry. You are in no danger of your postings somehow downgrading peoples respect for you. wink See one would have to actually [b]have
dignity to find an act "beneath" it.

But I do wish you would post some actual "facts" about your posts. So far you have done nothing but carp, whine, insult and then run away---while claming high rank for yourself.[/b]

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I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.