On another thread while discussing the value of training the following comment was made:

Martial arts is a hobby/activity that if seriously undertaken will take years to get good at

This got me thinking, how much does it cost to learn to defend oneself - and do martial arts represent value for money?

- How much does it cost to learn to defend yourself from say 3 years of martial arts training?

- Alternatively how about self defence courses?

From a quick google search:
6 hours self defence for 64.80 - Courses for the general public

3 Day self defense course for 540 H2H self defence

- Or the cost of books or DVDs ranging from 3-100's (amazon search)

- How much are legal self defence weapons?

Also is anyone aware of any good evidence (I don't know how this would be measured?) of how effective all of these interventions are?

I would consider the most important self defence intervention to be free and taking only education, not 'training'. i.e. avoiding being in places and situations where you are more likely to be attacked, being vigilant and taking preventative measures e.g. arrange transport home if you're going to get very drunk.

Even when we are fully trained 'self-defenders!' When someone tries to mug us, we rightly hand over the money and run!

I am aware that there are other benefits of training e.g fun! But I thought it might be interesting to look at this from a purely functional POV