Being a Judoka, I'm a bit biased but I've had very good a experience with learning Judo. It's an extremely good grappling base, and is probably feasible as a foundation for self defense in colder countries where people wear several layers of clothing. In terms of quality, anywhere which teaches Kodokan Judo is probably going to be at least ok. Look out for places where people train to compete, they're probably going to be a little better in practice (use less compliance and more resistance). Judo is a sport and everyone has to enter competitive matches to increase in rank, so be prepared for a lot of sparring (randori).

Part of the reason I chose Judo was the price, I looked around at a few places and nothing else compares to the $65 a month I'm paying at my Dojo. I might have chosen boxing if I didn't mind getting knocked around a bit but I really don't like being hit compared to being thrown.

That all said, it depends on what you're looking for specifically (self defense, sport, fancy moves, etc) but when it comes to value for money, a good Judo club is hard to match.

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