Interesting question/s

I'd say "value" is a somewhat "flexible" thing--you generally get what you pay way or another.;)

If you value the stand-alone full equiped faclities of the MMA school you mention then its worth it.

I'd say "quality varies" pretty much everywhere.

I often tell people that investing in some shoe leather and taking the time to really look around, test-drive some classes, really get to know what is available, will pay off big later.

Martial arts is a hobby/activity that if seriously undertaken will take years to get good.

So its really important that you take the time to find a really good school that is going to be the closest to meeting your needs.

That being said I am often astonished at the cost of MA training here in the USA. So its no surprise to me that its expensive elsewhere.

IMO the cost generally has very little to do with the quality of teaching--"sometimes" it is but again IMO often it does not.

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