While looking for a good place to train in London I have been a little surprised by the cost of training.
This got me thinking about the value of training in any martial art.
-MMA classes seem very expensive often in their own premises with gym facilities etc.
-Kick Boxing is SO undefined and unregulated it makes finding a decent club difficult.
-Traditional Martial Arts are the cheapest option as they still often train in church halls and community centres and can require little equipment. Quality varies dramatically, as does the purpose of training.
-Judo being an well regulated Olympic sport is perhaps the best option in terms of value for money.
-Boxing. Many gyms now appear to be mod con type places with fix term contracts. My instincts tell me I've not looked hard enough here and there must be some good value places hidden to find.

When you consider joining fees of 50+, insurance, monthly fees from 40 to 100+ a month, gear (some places require you purchase their brand for more )and travel, it can make it difficult to justify training.

I'm sure you can still train for peanuts and get taught how to walk up and down in a line (cynical eh!)and I'm sure these places where you pay top dollar are very good.

In review I realise I sound rather mean...... but....
I would be interested to hear if you guys feel the price of your training is fair? (my bet is most do!?)
And perhaps if it is good value for someone to begin training martial arts as compared to say football or rugby?
Plus any other thoughts.