Rick Wing's new book, Showdown in Oakland: The Story Behind the Wong Jack Man - Bruce Lee Fight(http://www.amazon.com/Showdown-Oakla...own+in+oakland)is a great read! This is the definitive work on the subject. Not only are there two detailed eye witness accounts (including one from Grandmaster David Chin) but copies of the actual Chinese newspapers that were involved in reporting on this event. This books totally blows away the argument that the fight was over Bruce Lee’s right to teach non-Chinese. There are eye witness accounts of what transpired at the Sun Sing Theatre in San Francisco when Bruce put out his challenge to the public. Ming Lum gives his account of what transpired and even Greglon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee’s friend, James Yim Lee, weighs in on the matter. They all agree that the match was not over whether or not Bruce Lee could teach non-Chinese people. As Wong Jack Man himself said, “Even Bruce Lee never said these things.” If that is still going to be the stance of the Bruce Lee Foundation or any other official JKD organization then they’ll be ignoring the facts. There's detailed maps and pictures of where everything took place, including the former location of Bruce Lee's studio. This book is a must read! Not only because it details what happened in this controversial match but it shows a lot of the history of the Bay Area martial arts scene back in the 1960's and details some of Bruce Lee's life before he was famous.

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