Hello kibadachi1:

"Old thread" grin but important issue in many ways.

One of the things ALL teachers must be aware of at all times are the pairing of students. Some people are a serious problem if allowed to pair up. Skeptic is fine, UNTIL someone is harmed that was simply not necessary.

If two people agree BEFORE HAND that they are going to try X (at full power), and, and it is approved of between them, then IMHO there is no foul. But asking someone to resist simply so you can demonstrate the technique at full power is irresponsible, and arrogent. I dont think this works so Im going to find out... stupidity 101.

Understanding the techniques work, self-control is what is entirely lacking. Anyone with serious experience can make power, and earnest pain very, very slowly, seemingly "gently".

How bad was the damage?

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