I have never hurt students---on the other hand I have seen people get hurt because they did not follow directions and did not take the techique seriously.

You don't mention the students age--could that be a factor?

I have seen older student, "older" as in "adult with some training" switch disciplines and take a while to warm up to stuff that was "new" to them...and during the learning phase they didn't really respect the technique.

Depending on the technique I'd put the student on the heavy bag and let them work the bag as long and as hard as they wished.

If it is a technique that needs a partner, I'd switch it around and let the "go harder" guy be the uki for the techinique and let folks crank it up on HIM for while--DON'T hurt the person, just let them "feel" the tech for a while--that should let them "know" if it "works."

If it is a habit--then its better to lose ONE student than to lose a whole bunch of people this idiot is hurting and chasing off--because that is exactly what is going to happen.

IMO not every tech is going to usful for every person---its not a question of "effective" its just there are some thing that not everyone is going to be able to "get." Maybe the student has doubts because they can't really use that/those particular tech?

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