Hi Dobbersky
I respect your un-informed opinion and have been working occasionaly as a smalltime stunt perfomer. I have an agent and have kept in shape with weights since 18 and have not abused my body. Forgive me me for sounding slighly egotistical(in defence of your age comment about me) but in the past five years I have doubled for Vinnie Jones and Daniel Bernhardt(who is a very capable martial artis). It means little because as we are all lead to believe.."lead actors always do their own stunts" (ha ha)
If I stayed in Hollywood I would have to be really good to get work and would probably get overlooked for younger, fitter guys, but as a caucasian born and raised in South Africa I feel the competition isnt as tough as it might be in the US.
Lets see how the Wing Chun goes for now,