Years ago I was trained in basic sword work so that part is covered and comes quite naturally. I attended a Wing Chun lesson last night....My word, that was quite an eye opener compared to karate. The difference would be night and day to say the least.
I had to constantly think and adjust to the idea of conserving energy and saving the energy for the strike only. In karate it was a 'hard as nails' attitude mentally and physically the entire time. I broke a mean sweat last night despite being weight training fit. I found the guys were very calm on the whole and the sense was more about practicality and conserivng energy. We just focused on basic strikes and blocks, no kicks.
There is also an Aikido School nearby so that is also an option?(if I wasnt married I would do both but hey, guess I have to be home for the loving wife to nag to :-) I featured with Grand Master Steven Seagul in 'Mercenary for Justice' as cop taking a quick bullet so unfortunately never got my butt kicked by Mr Seagul. I was just a bit surprised as he wacked quite a few guys in the nuts when he took them down(not sure if thats standard Aikido practice..).
I think I will try Wing Chun for a few weeks as its pretty affordable too and gets the brain firing which I think will come in handy when putting together a fight sequence.
All opinions are still welcome, thanks for those that shared.