Hi All
A few years ago(2004) I trained in Kyokushin karate and it was great. I found it very structured and offered me a good training base.
MMA picked up here so I left and joined a popular kickboxing school which offered some MMA as well. Getting married and having a kid slowed me down but now I am back and ready to train as the film industry is currently booming in South Africa(I occasionally work as a part time actor and have basic stunt training having worked on a few films in the past but Im not here to boast)
Im hesitant to train in karate again as I have heard some allege it is too static for film so I might get overlooked. Not many of the stunt fighters here are dedicated martial artists so I dont see what the fuss is anyway. Many have built up good relationships with the co-ordinators so I would need to prove myself again tp get back to the action side.
My goals are moderate fitness, style, suppleness and focus...

My training options are:
1) Karate, good fitness and strength, ok style.
2)The kickboxing/MMA school which is great but possibly a bit hardcore for my personal goals as a 39 year old :-)
3)A smaller Wingchun school is located nearby and I sense it offers a less competitive environment ?
All honest opinions are respected, fire away but please take note of my specific needs which are not self-defense but 'camera friendly technique'