Thank you for your reply.

Yes the study of karate is deeper than most expect. I was fortunate that my instructor's trained at two different times with Shimabuku Sensei. They experienced a deeper appreciation of the art. But much cqme from my own analysis and that of meeting Harrill Sensei, another Shimabuku student. We must try and understand how Shimkabuku was an instructor who gave his students enough ins a short time to keep them interested for a lifetime.

The recent CFA article on Isshinryu is rather sloppy and somewhat simplistic. The reality is deeper and covers a range of issues. I am working on an answer to Shimabuku's instructor's. It's contentions I hold as wrong. I will soon post it on my blog, which is a reference for my students.

We have to keep working at our arts.

The truth is my article still dosen't touch the whole issue.
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