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<<you are making the mistake of tarring all MMA practitioners for the sins of the few

And I accept, surely there must be one(s) somewhere... I have yet to see them on the TV specticle pretending to be martial arts. The blatent clear majority by their own ridicilous actions are not when in front of a camera. Are they performing for the camera, I think not.

<<any local karate tournament if you disagree.

Can you find me one without a musical division?
One without a dozen divisions under the age of 10 years old? How bout one or two which at the end have some food together afterwards, while cleaning up the space we used?

I dont disagree that what is passing as "martial" too often misses the boat entirely. I contend that mere technique is not remotely sufficent.

<<I will leave you to discuss that with Kano, Oshima, Jhoon Rhee, Bruce Lee, and many others more qualified

So I ask then how do you address Chen Zen's original question(s)? Do you disagree with the perspective there seems to be very little public presentation of such qualities?

I stand respectfully by my earlier sentiments, too little is seen, and as a general rule the MMA presentation offends me severely. I will watch them at times, but have no respect for their presentation. In front of a camera or not, should be the same thing.

Silent, respectful, dignified, humble, intelligent... would LOVE to see far more!