Hello Victor:

Hope you survived the hurricane all right? No power, no heat (42 degrees F inside for several days), little water, very strange food for a week was.... "interesting" experience. Don't hope to have it again anytime soon...

My art like yours is a "flavor" of Isshinryu. We have no living connection to Okinawa, nor any "master" or international association dictatating our practice(s).

However the art which I was taught was very much "tode" in nature, a huge pool of evil locks, wicked extensions specificly taught as fundamental applications to kata, and general self defense.

My own very, very meager studies; Utada, Konigsburg, S. Austin all re-confirmed, get caught by a good technician and OUCH is certain...

While I adamently disagree with the tone of the recent Chambers "tar and feathering" of the art of Isshinryu, I fear it has much painful truth at its core for most.

One tour or duty, two cannot engrain much subtlety or nuance. Extensions, locks, projections require obscene practice if compaired to the "ballistic striking" (punch, kick) and ballistic striking is difficult enough! I believe locks, extensions are inherent-fundamental to the practice of IR...

Theres a good reason this stuff takes a lifetime wink !

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