I'm of 2 minds:

1-How tall are you compared to them? And what are the ranks of the kids?

If you are roughly the same height or you had to stoop down for them to do it---then around the chest area would probably be where they would grab--no matter whom was doing it.

Plus, inexperienced people usually always tend to grab "high" when doing the "bear hug." They grab up around the chest instead of lower on the torso.

Or......less likely.

2-Do these kids pal around when not at the school?

In any group of people--kids or otherwise--you will get variations of behavior. As you alreadymentioned its unlikely that you would get EVERYONE doing the exact same thing in the exact same situation.

Not knowing the kids and the situation--going by just what has been said so far.

Leaning toward #1 but really not sure.

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