Not sure......but I have noticed when people get answers to questions that don't conform to their expectations they don't tend to stick around.

You think it would be the reverse.

On strictly personal note. It has always been kinda annoying to me when people treat this or any forum as a sort of "advanced google" where they pop in when they want/need a question answered and then vanish.
People take the time to read your requests and then take the time to give the best answers they can to help you IMO deserve better than being treated as if they were at the whim/beck-and-call of anyone that can work a keyboard.

This site has always had a great group of highly experienced people that are willing to share what they know---I'd be more specific but:

A-The list would be too long

B-I am honestly concerned I would forget somebody---yes there are, IMO , that many quality posters.

C-I would like to add a personal and long overdue "Thank you" to the all the people that take time out of their busy lives to give their perspective, experience and knowloge. I have not always agreed with everyone but I have always been thankful for their POV and have always been more than a little impressed at their willingness to share often hard-won information with anyone that asks questions, for no personal gain and sometimes considerable drain on their time......even extending their help to cranky and combative me. wink

I don't think people from the "internet" age fully understand what a rare thing it is to be able to sit in your house or text from your cell phone questions and get people from all over helping you with answers. Case in point is this thread itself---not that long ago he would have been he can get answers......and I'm not sure that he really understands how lucky he is to even be in a situation where he can ask such questions.

I think that if people are going to get their questions answered the least they could do is stick around a while and try and give other people the same help they got.

Just an opinion and worth every cent you paid for it. wink

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I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.