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With all due respect Ronin, you are making the mistake of tarring all MMA practitioners for the sins of the few, which, as you noted, also occurs in TMA - check any local karate tournament if you disagree. The vast majority of MMA practitioners and instructors are indeed humble and respectful, the very same qualities edified in any other legit martial arts practice. As far as martial arts not being a spectacle, I will leave you to discuss that with Kano, Oshima, Jhoon Rhee, Bruce Lee, and many others more qualified that I. smile

In a general sense Matt I think you are correct.

However TMA doesn't have televised events that have quickly degenerated into WWE -style behavior in some cases. Well ok, bit of an exaggeration maybe, but I have to agree with Ronin that mainstream competitive MMA eventsdon't have much of an upside in terms of character, certainly not in any way that would matter - such as positive role models for kids or whatever.

Not saying that's anyone's job as martial artists, or martial arts teachers - just saying there's almost zero of that kind of thing in the culture that is presented in televised MMA events. I realize this is no way reflects what most practitioners or athletes are like, but it IS the public face of the phenomenon, and that counts somewhat IMO.