Hello MattJ:

<<You can't really think that things like dignity, maturity and humility are absent from MMA practice

With regret and profound respect I am afraid I do. crazy
Fundamentally I propose that martial arts practice, study are not supposed to be "megaphones"... never intended as "specticle".

MMA costumes cannot be dignified (I use the term costumes specifically). There isn't that much blessed advertising on the entire Los Vegas Strip as there is on their crotch, groin, rear-end! There is nothing dignified in their costumes on any conceivable level.

TMA knuckleheads likewisee easily identified... they too wear the noxious "blinking billboards", patches, stripes, colors. Surely not the sole indicator but a pretty good warning of a serious potential lack.

I offer that uniforms of martial arts are not for the purpose of advertising or drawing attention. Functional yes with a side-order of anthropology (ie original cultural context). But martial arts should not fundamentally be about advertising...

Those who wiggle, dance, shimmy, climbing the ring fencing, performing backflips, pumping their arms jumping up and down proclaiming their "prowess" with the injured body of their opponent still laying at their feet...

Classic demonstrations of the same toxic masturbations. Dignified, mature, humble... which quality does such offensive behaviors demonstrate to you?

At the core they are blatent specticles... How about a little dignity boys crazy?

Does that explain my basic perspective better?