Hello, Second Midwest MMA Camp being held at Keith Hackney's gym in Roselle IL.
Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, Comprido, Rick Faye and Savate Champ Nicolas are all going be teaching.
All levels are welcome. Pride Nutrition will be there as well. This is a chance to ask any martial art questions having all ranges and variety of styles under one roof!!! Hope you can join us. Look forward to seeing you.
Please call Marcus at 708-296-4221. www.marcuscharles.net
* Snr. Inst - PFS
* Snr. Inst -Paul Vunak
* Snr. Instr- Tom Cruse
* Full Instr -Larry Hartsell
* IL Dir.JKD Grap. Assoc.
* Assoc. Inst Dan Inosanto
* Pro Coach 1-Erik Paulson
* Lead Pro Coach-IL CSW
* Instr. Level One- Rick Faye's MKG