Shindo Muso ryu is the school that created the use of the jo. According to their history, it was supposedly created by Muso Gonnosuke in the early 1700's after being defeated with swords by Miyamoto Musashi. The kata of the Shindo Muso ryu are an "official" version. In 1969, a 'seitei' or 'common' set of jodo kata were introduced by the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei for use by their folks. These were very similar to the original SMR jo kata, but there are differences. This could also be considered an 'official' version. Anything else that is out there has been created by someone that has either done ZNKR jodo or Shindo Muso ryu jodo. I am unaware of anything 'official', but most aikido dojo will do some version of jo work as they almost all do some version of sword work. I learned a couple of (very) different jo kata from a couple of different aikido dojo. Haven't yet had the opportunity to learn any SMR jo yet.

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