It's been a while but this week I'm easing back into Judo training. We focussed on practicing breakfalls, Tai-Otoshi and O-Goshi with several grip variants on Monday and today we covered more breakfalls and Tai Sabaki. Today was the first lesson ever where no one did a single throw but I feel like I learned more this lesson than in any other so far. I'm finally beginning to understand how to move with an un-cooperative opponent, something I was never able to do before in Jujitsu. The key for me appears to be to relax and to think of movement in circles and straight lines. Use circular movements to counter straight line attacks and straight line movement to counter circular attacks. This seemed to create a lot of potential openings for Kuzushi. I feel a lot more confident with my positioning now even though I'm still just beginning to move correctly.

Zach, I know this is a bit late but we had a black belt watching the Randori the whole time, accidents happen though especially since we're still relative beginners.

It's good to be back in Judo again, I really missed training. smile

I'm loving this MA right now, I'm glad I chose Judo over Jujitsu. I like groundwork a lot but throws are exhilarating, I really like catching someone off balance and seeing the opportunity for Kuzushi.

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