Hi Everyone,

My firstpost on this forum. I've posted this question on another forum and thought I'd expand the reach.

My Sensei has given me an assignment as part of my Sandan grading next year. Now the thing is, it's hard to tell if he's just messing with our minds (There's a fellow Nidan also given the same assignment) or there actually is a one word meaning.

The assignment is to find out what the one word meaning of Nidan and Sandan is. I've only ever known that Ni is 2 and San is 3 (the exception is whre San is appended to someones name as in Daniel-San, is which case it roughly translates to Mr)

I've been in contact with the Japanese Student Liaison Officer at my local Uni (A Native of Japan) who also came back with the numerical meaning. My Sensei claims that Yondan has a meaning of Honesty, but so far I have found nothing to verify his statement. The meanings have nothing to do with any Katas such as the Pinan's. Sho as in Shodan, has a meaning of Beginning, hence Beginning Black Belt

Has anyone else heard or knows of any alternate meaning of Ni & San?