Those are good points Zach. The Gracie Academy do well to acknowledge that simply being a combat sport alone will not prepare you for a "streetfight" and a different mentality is needed.

I like the stuff from the Gracie Academy, but I do take it with a pinch of salt. The Gracie boys, while making good points here, are also trying to promote their own system of self-defense.

Rener, the guy on the left of the video, says some stuff in the GJJ combatives I don't agree with. For example, he mentions that no martial art is good against multiple opponents. Fair enough maybe, but there are MA and training that is going to be more useful in that situation than GJJ alone. He simply gets round GJJ not being effective in multiple attacker situations by lumping all MA in to the same category against multiple attackers, which doesn't present the full picture.

The GJJ combatives are overall a good program, but they do advocate establishing a clinch, take down and submission approach. There is a section on getting back up on your feet, though this is only a small part of the program.

And this is a personal preference I suppose, but I've never though joint locks were a great way of ending a "streetfight".

So the Gracie Acadmey make some good points and have a good philosophy overall, but it is fair to say there program alone (despite their marketing) would not necessarily be sufficent in terms of developing a "self defence" program.
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