Thanks for posting this Prize, found this interesting. I always enjoy these dudes videos and they are very well spoken.

I gotta say though, when talking about the differences between 'street and sport', failing to acknowledge the need to escape the ground seems a little bit odd to me. I do recognize that a dedicated grappler more than likely has an excellent chance of escaping someone if that's their goal. The ground skills can certainly get you OFF the ground too, but they didn't even seem to mention this. Also no mention how the guard might function maybe, don't pull it if you don't have to, unlike the comps where it's a common tactic. I think the idea that the guard is "neutral" outside a BJJ competition is a really questionable one, yet it sounded like his only concern with it was distancing and punch defense.

If the differences are going to be acknowledged shouldn't it also be acknowledged that most dangerous "street fights" aren't one on one confrontations with the luxury of not worrying about your environment?

Unless I missed something (and I watched the whole thing) they are basically saying that "street" GJJ simply consists of GJJ that defends against punches and uses a simplified, less diagnostic skillset..great, it's fantastic to see this kind of rare candor in combat sport, and IMO elevates their mentality above 99.9% of ANY school of martial artists out there teaching self defense, whereas most say "its all the same". However, isn't it kind of important to define what exactly they mean by a streetfight before doing this?

If it's a category as broad as say, an ambush blitz attack on someone vs. a consensual one on one pissing match between two young men that happens to take place on the street..then i'd say that 'street' GJJ is only slightly better off than sport GJJ in that regard, as it still only addresses the one on one fight between two willing participants, and has nothing to say (evidentally, just drawing conclusions b y what they say in the video) about the other scenario..

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