The one thing I don't like about martial arts magazines, a lot of them tend to focus on "successful" martial artists with "successful" schools regardless of whether this martial Artist/School is a McDojo or not. You CAN'T be successful and STILL be a genuine martial artist as MONEY becomes the goal and even though they began as a bonefide, superb Martial Artist, their standards lower and the students grades become easier and easier etc and they're living off the past etc.

I used to buy a few of them but got disheartened by the topics

Why did they not:

Expose McDojo's and Fake Teachers/Grades for example which Styles are just Pyramid selling groups where the product just happens to be Martial Arts

Specifying National Governing Bodies, who they are, who are the largest members in the NGB's network, What is the criteria/Costs etc and Which NGB is the best for say Sport Karate, whichis best for MMA, Which is best for Muay Thai and Which is best for Knock-down Karate

Also Liability and Student Issurance, who provides it what's the criteria, etc.

Explain the difference between SPORT Martial Arts and "REAL" Martial Arts, explaining that in Sports Martial arts the goal is competition and doesn't actually prepare you fully for real situations

Explain what the 3 levels of contact and how they affect you and what are the purposes etc.

Which Styles are better for the Street, which Styles are better for Competition and which styles encompass eerything - without being bias to any of the styles mentioned.

Bunkai WITH genuine Bunkai specialists like Iain Abernethy and Vince Morris etc.

OMG there's loads of things one could do to make a MA Mag better than what's out there
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