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I'm definitely going to look for a good BJJ class sometime in future but I really enjoy doing throws, so I'll probably at least continue to practice them if I can. I know that it's not as good to train against a non-resisting opponent but in this case I may not have a choice. We'll see what happens, but I'm not going to risk major shoulder injury. If there's pain during static throws, I may have to stop altogether.

Geez, is your Judo class just super full-on or what? is it not possible to find like minded folks to just do light uchi komi and randori with?

One thing, doing constant practice of static throws can be injurious too, especially if your ukemi isn't good, or the person throwing you "WWE" pile drives you every time. ONe thing that I like alot (some don't) is crash mats...

I'm doing DZR right now LEO, I like it alot, I wish it was more progressive and freer in terms of playing with the material and freeplay stuff, but I have to admit the technical level of the throws is fantastic.

If it's any consolation to you, my friend who i'm learning DZR from also did Judo with me for a bit, and his skill in throws DID play a huge role the times I did randori with him, his years of static throwing translated fairly well (in ways that can be expected of course) to the uchi komi and randori practice. Albeit there were some huge limitations - the biggest being lack of combo throws.

Anyone who thinks that having good throws won't effect resistant training is dead wrong IMO. Not saying by any means that yous shouldn't do the randori, nor that the throws wouldn't be better with the randori (undeniably they would)...just that knowing how to throw in a way that can't be felt is actually a big deal, and there is way more to learning that than Randori.

I'd try out the DZR and see if you like it, I do miss the dynamic stuff for sure, especially the combo throws and setups.

I know some DZR classes roll as well and do occasional randori, the guys I know do.

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