While I understand the personal impulse to start over, I have never understood instructors expecting black belts from another style asking people to put on white belts.

If a black belt walks through my door, I want to know what he knows, and learn from him if I can, I mean if someone walks through the door and actually knows a thing ot two, it is foolish to not take advantage of that in deference to some kind of "style -ism".

Asking people to ditch their previous experiences is not cool IMO. Of course there are McDojo exceptions, but personally I believe it's best to respect someone's expenditure of time and effort.

I willingly put on a white belt when starting Goju after years of Shorin Ryu..notably though, my teacher had told me it was fine to keep my brown belt in Shorin if I wanted. I am not sure how I would have reacted if he actually instructed me that I had no choice but to wear a white belt.

ON a personal level though, you should just do what you enjoy and not worry about it..like everyone else is saying.

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