Hello Chen Zen:

How are these things taught... to know HOW to drive a car, takes only a few minutes. To have serious skill at it takes far, far more time, TMA are identical in that manner.

Learning the nuances, the subtleties how to handle the different class personalities,intensities as training partners demands the most time you can give the activity. Done only once in a while, you will not understand how to cope too easily. You will use an impulsive unconscious responses, rather than technical ones, active choices.

Given enough time, given enough partners, we look at ourselves, our weaknesses and make a basic choice. Stay or leave. Every time we do return, we've made that basic choice. We may get shown a weakness(es) about ourselves, by someone smarter, faster, far more skilled than us on some level. With a decent teacher (positive/healthy motives), good classmates our excuses, our emotional disconnects, get uncovered, revealed. The basic reason (pick one...) I cannot X is not because of my age, but because I'm too concerned about winning, and if I am not once I realize it, I hesitate, pause, get mad, and then get slaughtered because I take my mind off the fight angry about the perception "not winning" in that second.

Helping someone figure out their head space as relates to practice combat is one of the reasons this stuff is a lifetime thing IMHV. Figuring things out takes an insane amount of time and energy. Don't need to know my childhood history, my dreams only that the way my mind processes things, the way my body reacts because of how we process, think, react... improving that, changing it, exploring it needs time.

If you teach me how to kick, and I used the technique on my dog, is that YOUR fault, I did so? I do not believe so beyond a small point. If you learn I did something wrong with what you taught me... if I want more instruction from you, IMHV you are required to point out, if I wish to continue then I must not do X ever again.... for stopping myself, changing what you ask you will then continue my instruction, improve my skills.

If we teach someone to hurt another person, and they do so with no thought... we bear some burden. As the original source of their information, their technical understanding/ability I feel some responsibility for the outcome.

If you are dangerous to your training partners. You cannot stay. If you are dangerous to other people, stupid how/when you use our techniques.. a judgement is necessary. Can you alter my path, change the direction which I intended to use this knowledge originally... hopefully.

Uncovering the stuff, the hidden truths below the surface for everybody time is necessary. Why are you here... being abused? Are an abuser? Want to build emotional confidence for/against something you believe/perceive?

Not simple things to discover. Can I use knowledge badly, sure. The trick is not to do so more than once >: > ! If that once does occur, why did it happen? Should it not have occurred? Should it have been entirely, completely avoidable?

Being a decent teacher is more than teaching the physical part. When , why, how are far harder things to learn...