Hello Chen Zen:

Some day perhaps we shall be able to meet and have a soda, some tea, discuss these things in person! grin

DIGNITY, maturity, humility... fundamental qualities entirely absent, non existent from most TV presentations: American football, TV wrestling, MMA...

The ability to hurt, be hurt is something that all of them possess. Hurting is the lowest, simplest skill. There is no evidence of any emotional maturity, or simple humility which makes the ART component of any true martial arts practice in any of those activities. The emotional control is core to serious traditional practice.

The ability to hurt someone any three year old child can do quite easily with the right circumstances. MMA are simply older, wearing childish billboards, pompous tattoos....
Can they hurt me... probably. Would I ever have a single one to a family dinner... not likely.

Getting hurt is really easy. Learning to do it easier. But having the mental self control, the emotional maturity to remain in control of yourself. Be conscious about your abilities, your weaknesses that requires a long time, and daily practice to explore deeply.

Doing something that is not easy, or that you already can do, and still want to improve the skill/technique... still are interested in looking closer day after day.... these are traditional qualities.

I do not care if "you" (generic) win. How you conduct yourself during/after the combat for me is far more important. Pumping your arm, jumping up and down, dancing like an imbecile is all pure spectacle. If that is how they act, whatever the activity it is not something I ever want to witness.

It is undignified and fundamentally pathetic...