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Unfortunately, I landed on my elbow and injured my shoulder. It's not dislocated because I can still move it but it hurts a lot to move. I've iced it, etc and I'm staying in bed today...

A quote of mine from your "Judo or BJJ" thread Leo:

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Both myself and others on here have had to miss Judo for months at a time due to injury caused by Judo. In my experience anyone who has done Judo for any serious length of time (i.e. more than a year) usually has gotten at least one moderate to serious injury.Worse injuries I've witness are broken bones and serious concussion (loss of consciousness).

Now people will tell you the reason you get injured in Judo is because you can't breakfall properly bla bla.... It's a pile of nonsense. Judo is a dynamic, explosive art. Everyone, I mean everyone, lands badly. 2 years ago a 4th dan from Ireland, competiting at the world masters, landed badly and broke some of his ribs. The guy is a professional judo coach and has been involved with Judo for 30 years. Telling people they get injured in Judo because they can't fall properly is like telling people in boxing they get punched because they have no good defense. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr and Pernell Whitaker got punched!

In Judo, sometimes you are going to land badly because you can't react in the split second it takes for your opponent to slam you in to the ground.

One thing it sounds like though is that in your randori, your opponents are working against you rather than with you. as in they are going all out for the win. A Judo coach once told me that you have to go no more than 70% intensity when training Judo. 100% effort is reserved for tournaments!

I know you don't like guys muscling in and not using technique Leo, but welcome to the wonderful world of Judo in the 21st century. Here is a 2008 Olympic match between Naidangiin Tuvshinbayar of Mongolia and Keiji Suzuki of Japan (the 2004 Olympic Champion). What won the day here was brute force and ignorance!! Whether you use great technique or muscle in on someone to get the throw, you get an ippon either way. Technique is better because it requires less effot, but takes longer to acquire IMO.

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