Chen Zen

re: post # 435299

Sometimes I think that is exactly why the old timers were so adament about not teaching people with "poor character"--whatever that term might mean to whomever is teaching.

I imagine that we have all seen that rather than the martial arts creating "better people"--which for some it certainly does--BUT for others it just makes them tougher, stronger, better trained bullies and ego-monsters.

Maybe they knew the chances of really changing people were really pretty small and they tried the best they could to keep their teachings from the ones they thought they could not help.

In your example--back in the day "revenge" might well have been seen a "proper" motive with much support from socitey at large (depending of course on region, time period, culture etc.)

I've often though that one of the reasons the really dangerous stuff takes so long to get to in many traditional systems is that the teachers want to have the chance to CLOSELY observe their students for a period of years to determine exactly whom they were teaching.

IMO its not that "traditional" systems "take too long" its that many of them are using a very different approach in what they teach and to whom.

There are of course any number of people that abuse it and simply want to string the paying customer along for as long as possible--or worse.

And for the "masters" that abuse and take advantage of their students---well now we are back to square one in terms of martial arts as "character development." frown
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.