Yesterday we trained Ouchi Gari, which is pretty tricky. It feels like you're moving in one direction and sweeping in the opposite direction.

We did a bit more randori, which I'm not very good at. I did manage to do the correct kuzushi for Tai-Otoshi but I didn't manage to complete the throw. It's totally different doing a throw against a resisting opponent than during kata. It's much harder to get the opportunity to apply the correct kuzushi and speed is much more important. I'm trying to apply the throws I've learned in class but the other green belts are just concerned with muscling me down to the ground. I hope that focussing on technique is the right way to go about this, it feels better to do a clean throw with correct kuzushi instead of dragging my opponent down to the floor.

Unfortunately, I landed on my elbow and injured my shoulder. It's not dislocated because I can still move it but it hurts a lot to move. I've iced it, etc and I'm staying in bed today...
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