I'm back at Judo after a while being away. Today we covered two new throws, Harai Goshi and Morote Seoinage. I found Harai Goshi a little unusual but I like Morote Seoinage even better than Ippon Seoinage. My Sensei said that it's a good technique to use against people who instinctively try to stand up/pull back against you when you attempt a forward throw.

We also practiced Tai Otoshi and Ippon Seoinage to improve some of the details of the throws. I'm pretty confident with the first 6-7 throws I've learned now, but I think that I'd like to practice them a few hundred more times before going onto more randori. The throws aren't automatic yet.

I've also been helping to teach white belts who are going to be doing their green belt test soon.
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