I think it's not about "fortune cookie wisdom" or any of that..it's a simple thing.

If you teach people things that our potentially dangerous to themselves or others, you have a responsibility to vet the people somewhat, and to at least make sure there is a very basic code of conduct going along with the training IMO.

You don't need to try to actively convert people to any kind of philosophy etc...but I think we do need to make sure the people we are teaching are getting all the caveats that go along with stuff, for instance if someone teaches people to spar or train with stuff like kicking a downed opponent, we'd better be damn sure to include not only some basic ethics there, but the bare bones understanding of the legal possibilities of a thing like that as well.

If that isn't happening, IMO bad news - people always have less common sense than we think.

It's worth noting, there is plenty of both TMA and MMA that is probably deficient with stuff like this, in fact i'd wager the majority of publicly available training is. It's easier to put out a bunch of platitudes about building character and such..so that's usually what you see.

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