Here is how I tell between self defense and sport mindsets-
1. When possible get out of the way of the attack,move behind the opponent and finish the fight.
2.Train to finish the fight in 30 seconds or less.
3. If you are caught on the inside, attack the attack, and fight your way behind the opponent. See #1
I learned this in my kata and my bunkai. Traditional Okinawan karate for 30+ years, cop for 20+ years and it has worked just fine against opponents who outweighed me by over 100 pounds. One guy 6'9, 350 pounds found that a traditionally conditioned shin against an unconditioned shin means you fall down and go to jail.
Sport doesn't translate well on the street because you are trained to fight by the wrong set of rules. Are you writing from experience or theory?
"The person with experience is never at the mercy of the person with a theory."