One thing to think about here, if we can define what is unrealistic about this attack, we can figure out whether there was ever anything here to begin with, or whether it's just nonsense altogether, with no redeeming value.

What is unrealistic about it ot me is the deep stance, the 'chambered' hand, and the staccato timing. Someone simply stepping in from a hands down position and trying to hit you with their lead leg is not nearly as ridiculous, nor is someone entering in by grabbing you with the lead hand, with the other hand cocked back. - which is the whole point of the chambered hand in single attack kumite, all your actions have to take into account the second attack coming from the cocked hand, eventually you work against two attacks, continous attacks etc.. and the point is for your first movement to help you gain time. It's not meant to be free kumite, it's meant to isolate the moment where you can move to gain initiative.

Keep in mind that the whole point of practicing against single attacks is to kind of freeze a point in time, so by nature you are practicing with some artificial timing, to make this kind of training valuable you have to move with actual intent and commitment, and the training is no good if you don't, or if you don't understand what it is, and isn't meant to do.

I don't like the way ippon kumite is normally done either, Japanese and Korean styles are some of the worst offenders, no offense to anyone..

The worst is when people start from so far away, and even kiai before they move!

Looking at the postures themselves, IMO dismmissing them outright is also missing on some fundamental training IMO, if you "real" them up, they are just's the stylized, ritualized nature of the way they are normally presented that is a problem, not the positions themselves. Like alot of things it;s just another example of where someone's silly demo became an actual practice method.

Naturally this is just talking about a limited form of training for a specfic purpose, and like anything if youa re doing it to look a certain way instead of help build a certain skill it's going to be worthless. Somewhere along the line most mainstream Karate lost the plot with ippon kumite..but there are people out there doing something more useful with it.

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