Of course weapons must be trained with! It offers insight into body mechanics and necessary knowledge you must have as a martial artist. But if the question is in unarmed attacks then the form should correspond to it and if you wanted to stick a weapon in any of those pictures the forms would still be wrong.


I'd like to see the guy who can stick 2 fingers in my eyes in a full paced street fight - if he could he could probably just knock me out flat anyway.

I'm just mentioning this because often you'll get those TMA mostly Karate guys who say this stuff about how they would poke eys, grab/kick groins in a real fight and so on.

The truth of the matter is somewhere in between this murky swamp that has been born out of fiction, business and fake mysticism.

You need modern training methods you also need spirit in the traditional sense and respect for your art - those things are actually there in full contact competitive sports but again self defense is different than a ring fight.

In the real world there is only 1 round with no time limit no referee no points no rules and no protective equipment. You also do not know the situation like you know a ''fight'' ahead; i.e like a pro boxer, MMA fighter, kickboxer etc has time to reserach his opponent and make preparations (not always but 99.99% the case in pro circuits)

So it's natural that you can never get the real thing training - we can't brutalize our students; it's not sane or legal and most of all it isn't effective in the long run.

What the ring teaches you is technical skills and PRESSURE this is the most important aspect of training there has to be some kind of mental pressure because the adrenaline you get hit with in a real situation can numb you easily.

''Kihon'', ''Kata'' don't offer these things in reality. Technique is hollow if it isn't tested! And hollow technique isn't technique at all.

Strong technique - the only good technique.

I know I'll bring the holy wrath upon myself here so let me elaborate my perspective... What kihon or kata may offer is theory truly and that is actually not for beginners but for intermediate-advanced students who are far enough that they can work out what works best for their body - there is no universal blueprint that fits every person of every age and bodybuild for throwing any kind of technique.

But then again I'll flat out say I don't believe you can develop a technique that involves using your limb to hit someone without actually hitting something. So striking the air doesn't really teach you anything usually it ends up teaching bad form.

Speed, power, flow, courage! These are the things that make a fighter be it in the ring or protecting himself on the street.

Speed to deliver your techniques. Power to make them count. Flow to keep 'em coming and most important the courage to use them.

All of your technique is useless if you can't deliver it. I'm sure we've all read/heard the stories where experienced practitioners we're struck down on the street by muggers or even single assailants doing the exact thing the practitioner had been practicing to beat for years maybe even decades.

Courage = confidence. True confidence is built through experience - hard practice hard spars and lots of sweat. It's when you know that what you have is real that you really acquire confidence.

Throwing punches in the air. Doing weird forms of ridiculous kumite or just practicing kata with the belief that it will make you capable of ''fighting'' may make someone seemingly confident but that confidence is like a house with a foundation made from match sticks - in truth it's naive arrogance resulting from unknowing the truth of the matter - something a true teacher is supposed to make sure doesn't happen.

And this is how we have men who practice a TMA for 5, 10 maybe 20 years who sometimes come to a realization that in reality they don't really know a thing about MARTIAL ART other than MARTIAL ACROBATICs that fit their own style.

I'm off on a huge rant here... But yeah...

It's fairly simple if it doesn't offer full contact it doesn't offer true martial training.

And if it claims that their full contact is so deadly it can't be practiced then it's a piece of crap McDojo and you need to get the hell out of there.